All pfeil tools come sharpened and hones, ready to use. The bevels are ground to an angle between 17 and 25° depending upon size and use of the tools. The tools can be resharpened using various sharpening machines. In any case, a grinder with water cooling is preferable to a dry grinder.

When resharpening, the following rules must be observed:

  • Depending on the wood to be worked, the bevel angle should be between 17° (softwood) and 25° (hardwood).
  • During dry grinding, the bevel steel should not become discolored to yellow, blue or grey, otherwise the temper will be lost.
  • The discolored material must then be completely ground away.
  • For small tools, a sharpening stone with grit between 100-120 should be used. For large tools, a grit between 80-100 is appropriate.
  • After sharpening the blade with an Arkansas stone produce fine, smooth cuts in the wood.
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